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I am the first in my family (from the innercity) to attend college and due to the economy

LoyalAnn started this conversation
I am the first in my family (from the innercity) to attend college and due to the economy and lack of corporate connections, I have gone years in a retail industry. I got into a top MBA program and desperately need funding so that I can continue my start up non profit for youth empowerment. I also would like a real career. If you are willing to invest in me and the future of our youth, please contact me. Do not hesitate. Thank you.
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littlelacie   in reply to LoyalAnn
hi again.of course you are free to discuss your problems and needs on here, we try to give everyone a reply.we just do not know any resources that will help with what you need, the best place to check is at the student financial aid office at your school,for aid with rent and basic needs. They can review with you, various options that may help you finance your college needs. The resources we refer people to for help with rent and utilities will only help once a year and eligibility is determined by income. you can get on internet,type in needhelppaying bills, city,county,state. you will then see a list of resources in your area that may be able to help. Good luck, I know college is expensive these days.
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LoyalAnn   in reply to littlelacie
Correct, in school I will need aid for rent and basic needs as I will not be working. Aid page is an open forum and free space to discuss one's problems and needs and these are mine. Thank you for your reply. All the best.
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we do not know any resources that have funding to help further careers,sorry. our resources only help the people get food, help with rent and utilities.
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